Small Business Saturday

This past Saturday was Small Business Saturday. At MBFM we do our best to support the small businesses in our communities as much as we can. Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati are home to hundreds (if not thousands) or great local institutions. We realize that we aren’t a small business (small technicality), but we do our best to keep that “small” business feel.

We want you to feel welcome when you come to visit, whether it’s car shopping, maintenance, a car wash, or you’re just swinging by to see what’s new. We want to know your name, and we want you to know ours. At MBFM we don’t want to be strangers- you’re a part of the Mercedes-Benz family now.

We also want to be involved in our NKY/Cincinnati community, so we do our best to support local and small businesses. We sponsor and donate events and charities when we can, and source out local vendors when we need them. Which is why we provide complimentary Servatti’s in our lobby. And it’s why we’re hosting a complimentary lunch every Saturday for the rest of the year.

Lunch is served around noon. Don’t be a stranger- come join us!



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