Illuminated Star

Mercedes, with your star so bright, won’t you guide our way tonight?


Shine bright this holiday season with the Mercedes-Benz Illuminated Star. From now until December 31, you can have an Illuminated Star installed on your car for $565 (including labor)! Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell will purchase a star in the sky, in your honor. The Star in the Sky Foundation donates proceeds to charities like Toys for Tots, Dream Foundation and more. The Illuminated Star brings to life the heritage of Mercedes-Benz every time your ignition is on.

Using fiber-optics and LED technology the central star on the radiator grille of your Mercedes illuminates when you lock and unlock the car with your remote or when you open a door or the boot lid.

Available for the following passenger car models with central star:

  • M-Class (W166)
  • GL-Class (X166)
  • E-Class (W/S212 facelift and C/A207)
  • CLS-Class (C/X218)
  • C-Class (W/S/C204)
  • GLK-Class (X204)

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