Shared sWAG

Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell would like to thank Journey Surf™ based in Bali, Indonesia, for reaching out across the ocean to share the story of a community coming together in an effort to raise money and awareness for furry friends in need.

Tara Lee, co-founder of Journey Surf ™ was inspired by the successful adoption and fundraising efforts of all those involved with the “Cross County sWAG Social” event hosted at Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell last month to benefit the Kenton & Boone County Animal Shelters. She was personally moved to organize animal lovers from all walks of life to come together and celebrate the Bali Clash: An evening where Art, Surf, Fashion, Custom Motorcycles & Music collide!

The event will be Saturday, December 13th in Bali, Indonesia.  ALL proceeds from the raffles and donations are going to benefit I LOVE BALI DOGS™.                                        Learn more about this organization at: I LOVE BALI DOGS


In 2006, Pakita, a sweet stray dog was killed during an attempted capture for use in a local dish based on dog meat.  Francesca Montoneri created and circulated one thousand I LOVE BALI DOGS™ stickers around the island, applying them to cars, motorbikes and residences to protest the “barbaric way these street dogs are treated.”

I LOVE BALI DOGS™ quickly became a widely recognized call to arms for those seeking to protect the Balinese dogs “forced to live in the street, often sick, undernourished, mistreated and violently killed.”  In 2007 I LOVE BALI DOGS™ joined forces with other local organizations who continue to tirelessly fight for the cause of the street dogs. Strays are taken in, nursed back to health, sterilized and vaccinated while permanent, loving homes are sought.

tara's dogs

Tara Lee and her husband and Journey Surf ™ business partner (and designated Alpha of their own Bali Dog pack, pictured above), Markus Gneist, are active advocates and patrons of the “I LOVE BALI DOGS” organization.  They found a kindred spirit in Francesca.

Watch this video to learn more about Francesca Montoneri and her passion to save the Bali dogs –

I LOVE BALI DOGS™ is currently maintaining the care, feeding, sterilization and vaccinations of over fifty Bali Street Dogs without outside financial support.


“Our mission is to enhance the welfare of dogs in Bali by reducing through sterilization; to provide veterinary care to alleviate their suffering; and to empower the Balinese people to care for and take pride in their animals.”

 If you would like to “pass the sWAG” to support the mission of I LOVE BALI DOGS™, visit:               and make a donation through Paypal.


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