Top 10 Reasons to Buy from MBFM: #9

The all new coupe S550 Coupe (yes, coupe!) and the re-designed C-Class. Have you seen them?!

S550 Coupe


“This is the most beautiful car currently offered by Mercedes-Benz,” according to AutoBlog. “… this 2015 S-Class Coupe is as close to daily-driving automotive perfection as you’re going to find in a showroom this year.” goes on to say, “the S550 coupe is an all-around performer that’s well suited for everyday use or weekend getaways. It is fast in a straight line and capable in corners, but its best asset is the ability to remain supremely comfortable and quiet in any kind of driving environment. This is easily one of the most luxurious and accommodating coupes on the road today. From the large doors that open wide to ease entry to the seats that offer heating, cooling and multiple massage options, the S550 looks and feels first-class in every respect. This is a no-compromise coupe. It has more performance than you’ll ever need and the kind of comfort that every driver wants. There’s all the latest technology, too, and all of it comes tastefully wrapped in top-quality materials and a striking design.”

S550 Coupe, starting at $119,900

Re-Designed C-Class

image - Version 2

“Mercedes-Benz is demonstrating that we are not just going to set the standard with the S class, our goal is to set the standard in every segment — even one that might be traditionally associated with the 3 series and BMW,” said Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA. “We have spent the last few generations closing that gap. We are going to set a standard for style, for interior fit and finish and standard features,” Cannon said. “We have been more of an S- and E-class company.”

The C class has Collision Prevention Assist Plus as a standard feature. The system senses if a collision is imminent, and if the driver doesn’t respond, it autonomously brakes the car at speeds up to 124 mph. It also can brake to avoid a stationary vehicle ahead and to prevent rear collisions. Collision Prevention Assist Plus “is us throwing down the gauntlet — no one has it in the segment,” he said. “Our competitors do not have it on their highest cars. It demonstrates where we are going,” said Bart Herring, general manager of product management for Mercedes-Benz USA.

The Intelligent Drive package is another edge, said Herring. “We have networked it to almost give the car senses to set you up to make better decisions or assist to keep you out of danger. That is cool on a $100,000 S class. But nearly everything on the S is available on the C.”

C-Class, starting at $40,400

MER-14-10157 MBFM Reasons to Buy Flyer 8.5x11 Rev2-page-0


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