Signed, Sealed, Delivered

It might surprise you to know that at Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell we sell cars all over the tri-state area (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana) and even across the country! We have clients from New York to Florida, from Texas to California, and everywhere in between. And that means we travel all over to deliver cars right to our clients’ driveways. Today Sales and Leasing Consultant Ben, and our Social Media Manager Sable, headed to Lexington, KY to deliver a GL 450.


The adventure really started last week when Lauze came to visit us from Lexington. Ben was able to help Lauze get exactly the vehicle she wanted! Since her car would not be ready the same day, she chose our delivery option. For our clients, this means that your sales consultant personally delivers the car to your driveway. So, this morning a little after 10 am we hit the road: Ben driving the GL 450, with me following in a GLK 350.


After a traffic-less 1.5 hour ride from Ft. Mitchell to Lexington (and only one wrong turn!) we arrived at our destination. Lauze’s dog was the first to greet us at the door, followed by Lauze and her three kids. All of us headed out to the car at which point Ben reviewed the ins and outs of the vehicle’s luxurious features: how to use the key-less start, to adjust the seats and mirrors, navigate the touchpad and program customized settings, as well as how to raise and lower the back seats for more trunk room. Ben, Lauze and the kids then took the GL 450 for a spin around the block to make sure everything was just as she expected it would be. We’re happy to report that Lauze and the kids were excited about the car!


If you can’t find the car you’re looking for where you are, give us a call. We are here to help and make your car buying experience as pleasant and painless as possible!


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