The AutoSpa Membership

The Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell AutoSpa membership is designed to maintain your vehicle’s appearance between detail services. Members receive an automated soft cloth exterior wash and an interior vacuum of the passenger compartment. The dashboard is lightly wiped down and the exterior of the car is dried with a soft chamois.

Complimentary ‘Pit Stop’ service is also available upon request.*

*Pit Stop service includes: inspection of tire tread depth/condition and nitrogen pressure adjustment, four-wheel alignment inspection, battery power test, top-off windshield washer fluid. This first-class service is completed in about 15 minutes while you relax and enjoy refreshments in our client lounge.

*Due to weather restrictions, the car wash will be closed when it is 30 or colder outside! Please check local weather listings, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates.



AutoSpa Charter Membership

Anyone who purchases or leases a vehicle from Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell will qualify for an AutoSpa Charter Membership. You’ll receive unlimited Spa service/Pit Stop inspections for however long you own or lease that vehicle.

Have you already purchased from, or serviced a vehicle at MBFM? GREAT NEWS!!:

  • Anyone who serviced their vehicle with Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell from our opening in October 2013 to December 31, 2014 qualifies for a Charter Membership!
  • Anyone who purchased or leased a car with Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell from our opening in October 2013 to December 31, 2014 qualifies for a Charter Membership!

AutoSpa Memberships

Are available to anyone who owns a vehicle, regardless of make or model, for $250 plus tax. AutoSpa Memberships are purchased per vehicle. The membership guarantees unlimited Spa service/Pit Stop inspections for 1-year from the date of membership purchase.

AustoSpa Memberships can be purchased in the Service Department. Your vehicle must be present at the time of purchase so that the exterior can be inspected to ensure there are no accessories or other physical characteristics determined to be incompatible with our mechanized car wash.

How Does It Work?

Each AutoSpa Membership is tied to a vehicle VIN number. You’ll receive a clear windshield sticker that is placed near the VIN plate. The sticker must remain on the car in order for memberships to remain valid. If you lose the sticker, it can be replaced at MBFM for no additional charge.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I own another car. Does the AutoSpa Charter Membership/AutoSpa Membership cover this car too?

AutoSpa Memberships are Vin specific. One car = one membership.

Can I share a membership with a friend or family member?

No. Memberships are non-transferable and are VIN specific.

I have paint that requires my car be hand washed. Is this included in the AutoSpa Membership?

The AutoSpa memberships are strictly for service by our state-of-the-art automated car wash. However, if you purchase a vehicle from MBFM that requires hand washes, we are happy to perform this service. Please expect this car wash service to take a significantly longer amount of time, especially during peak hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

Can I purchase a gift card for a membership?

You are welcome to purchase a gift certificate in the amount of a membership ($265.06 after tax) but no membership will be issued until the vehicle and owner are present for the required vehicle inspection. Membership enrollment is not guaranteed until the vehicle has been inspected.

What about gratuity?

Gratuities are a lovely gesture, but not necessary or accepted.

I heard you offer a courtesy wash, is this true?

Yes. Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell offers one complimentary courtesy wash for any Mercedes-Benz vehicle that has not been purchased, leased or serviced here with the option to purchase an AutoSpa membership.

I purchased my car from another Bernie Moreno Company dealership, do I qualify for a courtesy wash?

Yes. Any client that has purchased a car through a Bernie Moreno Company dealership qualifies for one complimentary courtesy wash with the option to purchase an AutoSpa membership.


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