Brand Immersion Experience: Pt. 2

Throughout the experience we learned more and more about the brand and more of what Mercedes-Benz is all about. And to say that the Mercedes-Benz brand is trailblazing the road of innovation for the car world, wouldn’t be a lie. The sticker price on your car not only ensures that you have one of the most beautiful, high-performing, hand-crafted vehicles on the road- but it’s one of the safest and often times, the first of its kind.


To date (or at least, as of February 19) Mercedes-Benz had 100,219 patents and counting. To put that into perspective, it’s significantly more patents than Apple has. Mercedes invented the trunk, the glove box, door handles that you can grab with your entire hand rather than lifting up- just to name a few. But the best part about all of these patented ideas, is that Mercedes-Benz sells them for $1 so that other organizations have access to this information and can use it for their own products.

Later in the day we got to see first-hand a lot of these patented ideas in action and headed to the Barber Motorsports Park for an off-road experience and then to the racetrack to try some cars our for ourselves. I’ll save the racetrack post for next week- it’s to awesome not be a standalone experience.

But the off road experience was wild! Groups of three piled into GL 450’s driven by MB USI employees. You either went one of two ways: into the woods, or on the open course. My group headed to the woods first.


At this point, we were on a 70% incline- and the car completely adjusted itself to the necessary settings, and you can kind of hear our guide talk about that a little.

At one point they balanced the car on TWO wheels! From this it just looks a little messy, but it was super cool!

We also drove through nearly 2 ft. of water without an issue.

This is what it looks like when the off road feature is engaged. This prevents the bottom of the car from scraping anything below.
This is how your wheels look normally.
The open course.
Team Land!


For someone who sees cars in the showroom and online, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to actually experience the innovation and safety feature I so often read about. Never, would I ever, have thought a GL was capable of the same off roading as a G-Wagon (surprise, it is!). Not to mention, this came with 360 degree camera views (even one up above) and a reallllly nice back camera for using your hitch- perfect for those of you who own horses, a boat, whatever else you can tow behind you.

After this, I definitely have a new level of respect for the mechanical technology in these cars. Especially the GL 450.

To see more videos from the trip, check out our YouTube Page.

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