New City, New Job and New Car!

Meet Bridgette Alfaro, Service Coordinator at MBFM…and Bridgette’s brand new GLA250!

Bridgette’s been all smiles at work the past couple of days.  If you ask her why, she’ll smile even wider and say something like: “My life has changed so much in the past 5 months! I moved across the country, I have my very own apartment, I have a great job that I enjoy everyday and I drive a 2015 Mercedes-Benz!”

Bridgette’s originally from Austin, Texas.  She’s her parents’ only daughter and her brothers’ only sister.  Bridgette likes to joke that her move to the Midwest has been harder on her tight-knit family than her: “Sure, I was nervous to leave but I was excited too!”  So, how did it happen that an ambitious 19-year old decided to throw a couple of suitcases into the back of her Longhorn orange Jeep and drive off into the (figuratively speaking) sunset?

“It was a great opportunity – how could I say no?”  In all fairness, the opportunity didn’t just fall out of the sky – Texas isn’t exactly famous for its precipitation – it arrived because of her eagerness to accept new challenges and her desire to excel. Bridgette’s strong work ethic and sunny disposition made a big impression on Jeff Pauley, Service & Parts Director at MBFM, while working together at an automotive Dealership in Texas. “Bridgette has a really bright future ahead of her. She has maturity and ambition far surpassing that of most of her peers.”

So what’s our beloved Service Coordinator’s response if you ask her “What’s next?” She’ll get all wide-eyed and excited and say: “That’s an easy one – Service Advisor!”  Challenge accepted.

In the meantime, Bridgette’s MBFM family is eagerly awaiting her reaction to her very first winter…with snow.   No worries though – Bridgette’s GLA is a 4matic!


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