The Safety Stance!


The Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell Service Department is serious about safety…that’s why Shop Foreman Barry Norman is grinning so broadly!  Today he is working on a 2010 S400 HYBRID which is actually the very first model in the automotive industry to be marketed with a lithium-ion battery.

HYBRID cars and SUV’s have complex wiring systems so it’s crucial that proper training and protective measures be observed during their servicing, troubleshooting and repairs. To protect the vehicle’s occupants and Service Technicians, all Mercedes-Benz HYBRID power circuits are heavily insulated and the high voltage cables are clearly distinguishable by their bright orange coloring.

Mercedes-Benz HYBRID vehicles require specialty training so service should only be performed by a certified professional. This training is also vehicle specific: a Technician certified to work on a HYBRID S-class is not necessarily certified to work on a HYBRID ML or a B-class Electric.  Barry attended an intensive S400 HYBRID training course in Jacksonville.  To stress the necessity of the training, attendees were shown pictures of actual burns sustained by the improper handling of live, high voltage components.  This is why insulated rubber gloves are a must-have for Technicians working on HYBRID vehicles. These gloves must be inspected for punctures and tears prior to every use.  Additionally, they must be inspected and certified by an outside party every 6 months to ensure that the integrity of the gloves have in no way been compromised. The coordinating hard hat Barry is sporting in this photo is not required by the factory for HYBRID handling – it was just a happy coincidence!

At the conclusion of the course, participating Technicians must individually demonstrate to the instructor how to set up a “safety zone” (think a bright yellow caution tape fence) and competently deactivate and re-activate the high voltage system. Once HYBRID training is successfully completed, Technicians sign official certification documents which are kept on file by Mercedes-Benz.

Is your Mercedes-Benz HYBRID due for service?  Book your next appointment online at or call us at                   859-331-1500!


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