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Welcome to Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell, one of the nation’s most advanced Mercedes-Benz dealerships, and just a 5 minute drive from Downtown Cincinnati! Opened in October 2013, our brand new $20 million facility has been built from the ground up to serve you better. Our commitment to exceptional service is evidenced as soon as you enter our showroom, which is large enough to showcase 17 vehicles. Our seven-acre lot is home to over 200 new vehicles plus the largest selection of pre-owned vehicles in the area. Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell is designed to be environmentally friendly, and energy efficient.

One in a Million? How About One in 120!

Patrick West, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Commercial Vehicle Certified Diagnostic Technician

Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell Service Technician, Patrick West, has a new accomplishment to add to his list of achievements! Patrick is now 1 of 120 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Technicians nationwide who can call themself a Commercial Vehicle Certified Diagnostic Technician! Patrick was hand picked by a Mercedes-Benz Field Technician Specialist to apply to the course. From there he was selected by MBUSA to partake in the course.


Patrick grew up in Fayetteville, Ohio, just 50 miles east of Cincinnati, on a cattle and crop farm. He began his career early by servicing and repairing his family’s farm equipment. He started his professional career as a technician working at a dealership at just 16 years-old working on commercial vehicles. After years of working, learning, and loving commercial vans, Patrick decided he needed a change of pace! It just so happened that a new dealership was opening with an open position for a commercial van technician, at Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell! This is when he decided to switch brands and begin working on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans. Patrick says he decided to make the change because he feels Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans are a “better product” which makes working on them that much better!


When asked why he chose to work on commercial vehicles rather than standard vehicles, Patrick says he was thrown into it because he was “small enough to fit!” The more serious answer being he finds them much more simple to work on! Without so many different models, Patrick says he is able to become an expert in all things Sprinter!

So what’s next for Patrick? Hopefully a 1967 Lincoln Continental – his dream car!

Congratulations, Patrick!



The Safety Stance!


The Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell Service Department is serious about safety…that’s why Shop Foreman Barry Norman is grinning so broadly!  Today he is working on a 2010 S400 HYBRID which is actually the very first model in the automotive industry to be marketed with a lithium-ion battery.

HYBRID cars and SUV’s have complex wiring systems so it’s crucial that proper training and protective measures be observed during their servicing, troubleshooting and repairs. To protect the vehicle’s occupants and Service Technicians, all Mercedes-Benz HYBRID power circuits are heavily insulated and the high voltage cables are clearly distinguishable by their bright orange coloring.

Mercedes-Benz HYBRID vehicles require specialty training so service should only be performed by a certified professional. This training is also vehicle specific: a Technician certified to work on a HYBRID S-class is not necessarily certified to work on a HYBRID ML or a B-class Electric.  Barry attended an intensive S400 HYBRID training course in Jacksonville.  To stress the necessity of the training, attendees were shown pictures of actual burns sustained by the improper handling of live, high voltage components.  This is why insulated rubber gloves are a must-have for Technicians working on HYBRID vehicles. These gloves must be inspected for punctures and tears prior to every use.  Additionally, they must be inspected and certified by an outside party every 6 months to ensure that the integrity of the gloves have in no way been compromised. The coordinating hard hat Barry is sporting in this photo is not required by the factory for HYBRID handling – it was just a happy coincidence!

At the conclusion of the course, participating Technicians must individually demonstrate to the instructor how to set up a “safety zone” (think a bright yellow caution tape fence) and competently deactivate and re-activate the high voltage system. Once HYBRID training is successfully completed, Technicians sign official certification documents which are kept on file by Mercedes-Benz.

Is your Mercedes-Benz HYBRID due for service?  Book your next appointment online at or call us at                   859-331-1500!

New City, New Job and New Car!

Meet Bridgette Alfaro, Service Coordinator at MBFM…and Bridgette’s brand new GLA250!

Bridgette’s been all smiles at work the past couple of days.  If you ask her why, she’ll smile even wider and say something like: “My life has changed so much in the past 5 months! I moved across the country, I have my very own apartment, I have a great job that I enjoy everyday and I drive a 2015 Mercedes-Benz!”

Bridgette’s originally from Austin, Texas.  She’s her parents’ only daughter and her brothers’ only sister.  Bridgette likes to joke that her move to the Midwest has been harder on her tight-knit family than her: “Sure, I was nervous to leave but I was excited too!”  So, how did it happen that an ambitious 19-year old decided to throw a couple of suitcases into the back of her Longhorn orange Jeep and drive off into the (figuratively speaking) sunset?

“It was a great opportunity – how could I say no?”  In all fairness, the opportunity didn’t just fall out of the sky – Texas isn’t exactly famous for its precipitation – it arrived because of her eagerness to accept new challenges and her desire to excel. Bridgette’s strong work ethic and sunny disposition made a big impression on Jeff Pauley, Service & Parts Director at MBFM, while working together at an automotive Dealership in Texas. “Bridgette has a really bright future ahead of her. She has maturity and ambition far surpassing that of most of her peers.”

So what’s our beloved Service Coordinator’s response if you ask her “What’s next?” She’ll get all wide-eyed and excited and say: “That’s an easy one – Service Advisor!”  Challenge accepted.

In the meantime, Bridgette’s MBFM family is eagerly awaiting her reaction to her very first winter…with snow.   No worries though – Bridgette’s GLA is a 4matic!

Cars for Jason

We were lucky (and happy) to play a small part this past weekend in a “car rally” for Jason.

“Meet Jason. Jason is a kid full of energy, something we wish we all had. I didn’t know Jason a few months ago but I got a random email from a friend that changed that. A friend named Jack sent me a message asking for my help. He noticed Jason sitting outside his house one day watching cars drive by and he was always waving. This went on for a while. After some contact with Jason’s parents, Jack asked me if we wanted to gather some cars together and hold a rally for Jason, just a little drive to his house so he could see some cool cars and meet some awesome people.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 12.17.08 PM

Read more about the car rally for Jason on Cars In My Driveway.

Bags & Benz’s

Kathryn Allen Couture stopped by earlier this week for a fun photoshoot with her luxury handbag designs. Visit her website to learn more and see the collection:

“With the idea of luxury and the highest of quality in mind, every handbag and accessory is crafted using old world techniques, and a hands-on approach that is truly rare in today’s industry. The sumptuous exotic skins are handpicked from all corners of the globe, and each handbag’s hardware is carefully curated from a century-old establishment in Italy. The company’s handbags also boast a beautiful suede lining and quality thread that is hand-dyed by a group of multigenerational artisans to match each exotic skin. It is this meticulous step-by-step approach that allows Kathryn Allen Couture to provide a bespoke service, giving every client the ability to create their own luxury handbag from start to finish.”


Rainy Day CLA45

Our in-house photographer, Lyndsey, took the CLA 45 AMG up to Devou Park. A stunning backdrop for an equally stunning car. Follow us on Instagram for more jaw-dropping pictures: @MBFtMitchell

You can also see these pictures on the official Mercedes-Benz of Germany Instagram: @mercedesbenz_de, and on @der_landgraf

DevouEdit4_DSC7788 _DSC7752-Edit DevouEdit3_DSC7795 DevouEdit2_DSC7706 _DSC7837-Edit _DSC7822-Edit-Edit

Mercedes-AMG C63 S

Our dealerships were given the challenge to create a walk-around video for one of our cars. Together, Sable, our Social Media Manager, and Mike, our AMG Expert, put together this video.

Interested to see what our dealership in Cleveland did?

Cleveland Motorsports – Andrew Starr

Airport MINI of Cleveland – Rob Mooney

Buick GMC of Beachwood – Kelly Caneff

Airport Infiniti – Christina Sanders